Saturday, November 8, 2014

UAB Looking To Blow Up Football...???


The answer is: Probably...

And you find it more from the quotes of the higher-ups in the University these days than those of us who normally float the idea in the first place...

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More Evidence...

Nick Birdsong has this statement from AD Brian Mackin

"Like all areas across our campus, the Athletic Department is working on a strategic plan to maximize our resources and drive excellence. This process is critical to ensuring the best days of UAB Athletics are yet to come for our students, alumni, fans and community. "Coming out of this process, we will know what it takes -- from the institution, as well as supporters including our donors -- to best support our programs. My staff and I, and our consultants -- Carr Sports Consulting, a trusted adviser and expert in college athletics -- have invested a great deal of care in undertaking a department-wide strategic plan. As we close in on completing this initiative, we will make informed decisions that are supported by data and expert analysis. It would be premature to speculate about pending results, but I firmly believe this approach will lead to the most exciting era in UAB Athletics."

That paragraph was sent out after the university President, Ray Watts, said this earlier in the week:

More than a year ago, UAB began the most comprehensive campus-wide strategic planning process in our history, calling for the 10 schools, College of Arts and Sciences, Honors College, Information Technology, Research Administration, and other units to develop individual strategic plans, set priorities and implement long-term goals.

"Within that framework, the Athletic Department is conducting a full strategic review of its programs. The Athletic Department has engaged outside experts and is exploring a full range of options - not all of which will be implemented - to reach its desired results of sustained excellence."

Former UAB players have met with Watts to discuss their concerns, and's Kevin Scarbinsky had this point:

New coach Bill Clark's original contract is for three years only when most college head coaches have deals that run for a minimum of four or five years, and UAB has no non-conference football games scheduled beyond 2016.

Which is flat strange...


Not many...

Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News wrote an article in 2009 as UAB was pursuing their own football stadium not names Legion Field. The numbers back then weren't pretty when it came to the profit and loss ratios of the Blazers football program.

From 2006 to 2009, UAB reported just as much football revenue from the university ($6.55 million in subsidies) as it got from donors ($6.53 million). And that doesn't factor in student fees that went for athletics and increased 30 percent over those four years.

Good for UAB if enough companies will consistently pony up for the stadium. But projections are just that.

UAB projected in its 2009 athletics budget that the football program would receive $935,552 in university subsidies, rather than the $2 million it actually received. Overall, UAB projected a $1.1 million loss on football; it turned out to be $1.7 million.

Solomon followed up that piece five years later with the numbers back in February of 2014 that outlined that a lot of Alabama schools are heavily subsidized. UAB's numbers were up in the five year gap between our paragraphs. There's a good graph in their as well...

The UAB athletics department received $1.4 million less in institutional support during the 2013 fiscal year, resulting in a rare decrease of total subsidies directed to Blazers sports even as student fees climbed.

UAB received $18.1 million in total subsidies for sports in 2013, down from $18.7 million a year earlier, according to the athletics department's latest NCAA financial report. This marked the first time subsidies have decreased during the eight years Birmingham News has charted the university's athletics finances.

The Blazers had a long day hosting Louisiana Tech to even out their schedule at 5-5, losing 40-24.
Here's Kyle Sappington going against the Bulldogs special teams

UAB and Hawai'i are two looking at the same dark tunnel and it will be interesting to see how they come out the other side.

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