Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Augusta Won't Have Hockey Because Of A Lack Of Ice


The short version: Because the ice maker is busted at James Brown Arena...

In early March, it was discovered that the arena could only get its ice making equipment to get the water to 31-degrees instead of the normal 15 to 17 degrees the arena and the SPHL RiverHawks had to move their remaining home games to their practice facility.

It seated 400 instead of the JBA's 4,000...

"We are disappointed that Augusta has been forced to make this decision,” stated league president Jim Combs. “We will continue to work with (owner) Bob Kerzner and the arena to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

Kerzner released his own statement that said in part:

"The Augusta RiverHawks organization regrets to announce that we will not be playing in Augusta next season. After waiting over two and a half months, the League deadline to commit to play next year is at hand and a decision needed to be made. We, as an organization, have not received any positive information concerning the replacement of the ice system at the James Brown Arena. A May 12th deadline was communicated to the building manager back at the end of March or the beginning of April. We also have not received any information concerning monetary compensation for the loss of the Arena for the eight games that were to be played in the James Brown Arena in March of this year."

Here's the "why" as to the lack of ice...

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