Friday, May 24, 2013

This Week in Bad TV Graphics: KC Royals Style


This is just painful.

Particularly to those of us who work in the TV business and take pride in making sure anything we put on the air is correct.

For those of you familiar with Sports, take a look at the screen grab on your right.

It's a graphic done for the Fox Sports Kansas City broadcast of Thursday's Royals game.

Look closely.

In no particular order: Bryce Hunter should be Bryce Harper. And notice the Detroit Tigers logo and Nationals cap.

Matt Jones. Nope. Should be Matt Harvey. and notice the Orioles logo. That despite the Mets cap.

Manny Machado. Well, they did get his name right, but check out the White Sox logo.

And then Mike Trout. Again, they did get the name right, but no, despite the Angels hat, they show him as playing for the Yankees.

C'mon guys, this is embarrassing.

Sure, we know that on occasion typos are made, we get that. Happens to everyone. But this is pathetic. Did you not even look at the graphic you were making?

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