Friday, May 17, 2013

First Pitch at Rays Game: Best Surprise Ever


Ok, like many, we are suckers for moments like the one we are about to tell you about.

Fans at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg were treated to an emotional, surprise reunion between a father and daughter that unless your a robot, was enough to draw tears of joy.

9-year old Alayna Adams of Dunedin, Florida who's father had been serving in Afghanistan for the past year was told she was picked to throw the 1st pitch at Thursday nights Tampa Bay Rays/Boston Red Sox game.

Read the story of the day from The Tampa Bay Times RIGHT HERE

She didn't think anything about it, other than being incredibly nervous walking out in front of the 16,000 or so in attendance. She didn't think too much about it when she bounced the pitch to the catcher, wearing a team jersey and mask behind the plate.

That is until after it was caught and the catcher took off his mask. And much to Alayna's surprise and joy, it was her dad, Lt Col. Will Adams.

The rest, well, it's better you see the video. Thanks Tampa Bay Times for sharing:

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