Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paul Finebaum Resurfaces at ESPN

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So, the voice of the common Alabamian in football has a new home.

And no, it's lot on the local airways in Birmingham.

The guy who a few years ago, we didn't know who he was, is now going big time. Yes, that's right, Paul Finebaum will now be an ESPN personality.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Finebaum will take his show to Charlotte, North Carolina where he'll host a show on ESPN radio.

In addition, his deal provides him 100 TV appearances on the network and his radio show appearing as a Video Simulcast on the SEC Network.

Guess that answers one question about the SEC Network's programming.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal RIGHT HERE

Yes, we confess, some 3-years ago, we had no earthly idea who Finebaum was after stumbling upon a story where he claimed Georgia coach Mark Richt would be imminently fired. By the way, it never happened.

For those unfamiliar, Finebaum plays very hard and well to the SEC and in particular Alabama football fans sometimes irrational and aggravating, non-stop obsession with everything football.

And that is who ESPN is trying to target.

We can't say we'll tune into Finebaum's show, we still consider him a bit of a blowhard who randomly floats rumors, but then again, that's what plays these days.paul f

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