Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chuck Muncie Passes Away

If you are a fan of NFL Football history, you should know who Chuck Muncie was.

If you have an appreciation for hard workers who willed themselves to be successful at their craft, you should know who Chuck Muncie was.

If you like reclamation stories where people come back from drug arrests and a history of drug abuse to become a mentor and leader to kids both young and in college, you should know who Chuck Muncie was.

Chuck Muncie passed away Monday after a heart attack. He was 60-years old.

Muncie made his name as a hard running, successful attack running back for the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers for 8-years. He was the 1st Saints player ever chosen to play in the Pro Bowl and was a part of the the Chargers "Air Coryell" years in the early 80's.

His career was derailed in 1984 when he tested positive for cocaine during the football season and was suspended. In 1989, he was arrested for possession.

But Muncie got his act together, sheparding the Chuck Muncie Foundation in 1997 to help mentor kids in the Los Angeles area get their lives together. He eventually became a mentor to students athletes at his alma mater, The University of California and continued in the role until his demise.

Here's some video of Muncie from his days with the Chargers:

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