Friday, May 24, 2013

Swim Coach Gets 7 Years For Sexual Abuse

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Richard Curl coached swimmers who would, eventually, become active in US Swimming every four years chasing after medals and time on a medal stand...

Now, he is heading to jail for seven years in the 30-year-old abuse case of one of his pupils, Kelly Davies Currin. Davies Currin was 13 when the abuse started and Curl was in his 30's. The abuse apparently happened for years.

CBS Sports' Mike Singer reveals that now Davies Currin wants more coaches investigated for past behavior.

From Singer:

“I have no confidence whatsoever that USA Swimming will protect swimmers from sex abuse,” Currin said. “Its leaders have been given ample opportunity to prove to the country that they are able to put the interests of swimmers ahead of their own. They have failed and failed in the worst ways.”

Here's the story from court...
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Davies Currin calls the coaches "predator coaches." She also maintains that the hierarchy at USA Swimming knew of Curl's past behavior before an official investigation in 2011.

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