Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ohio St Prez Takes Shots at Notre Dame, Catholics, The SEC and Louisville (UPDATED W/Audio)

Gee (in bowtie)

Geez E. Gordon Gee. Do you have a death wish? You do realize that a majority of what you say at an official school function or meeting more than likely is on the record?

Based on a report released today by the Associated Press, Gee obviously doesn't.


Because according to the report, at a December OSU Athletics Council meeting, Gee made jabs at Notre Dame, Catholic Priests, The SEC and The University of Louisville.

Gee apparently said Notre Dame wasn't invited to join the Big 10 because "those damn Catholics can't be trusted". He also dropped such classic lines about schools like Louisville who he doesn't consider in the same academic ballpark saying; "So you won't see us adding Louisville" and questioning the academic integrity of pretty much anyone in the SEC adding; "You tell the SEC when they can learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we're doing".

Read the whole story from the AP website RIGHT HERE

Geez, what a smug, arrogant, dumbass prick.

Oh sorry, we just took a shot at Gee.

Why would you say stuff like this in a somewhat public forum? Whether you think it or not is pretty irrelevant. You can't say it. Unless you are alone in your office with a friend you know won't repeat it. Or dictate it for public record.

Did Dr. Gee not learn from his "Little Sisters of the Poor" comment a couple of years ago? For those unaware--Gee made the reference in response to criticism his Buckeyes played a better schedule than other teams.

Allegedly he is getting a "remediation" plan (whatever that means) because of the remarks. We, and pretty much anyone else would argue the remarks are a pattern rather than an isolated behavior. Sure, Ohio State is considered an "Elite" BCS team. But they've hardly the track record to be talking smack about the SEC, Louisville or in any instance making Catholic Priest jokes.


FRIDAY UPDATE: Here are his remarks in full... it's a fun listen...

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