Thursday, May 30, 2013

The American Athletic Conference Logo: Sigh

So...the American Athletic Conference released it's "New" logo today. You can see it here on the right.

Maybe it's just us, but it looks an awful lot like the University of Arizona's logo, minus the odd looking star.

The move is another step in the conference formerly known as the Big East's attempt at becoming something other than Conference USA 2. Or is that Breaking 2, Electric Boogaloo...

Uh...well, anyway...

Strangely, if you try and do a search for a conference website, you get a fan version. If you want something with the official logo and announcement, you end up on the Big East Website.

Don't believe us? Click on the link RIGHT HERE

We will add that the "AAC" website is supposed to launch July 1st. Don't believe us? Your link is RIGHT HERE

So they have changed, but they haven't changed. Follow?

Good luck fans of Connecticut, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa, UCF and USF. You are the pioneers (not the Pioneer League). You are the trailblazers forging a new identity.

Get used to it AAC fans. Our guess and most other peoples guesses are that Galactic Realignment is going to slow down. A lot.

You'll be playing each other. For a long, long time. Unless of course you add some teams from Conference USA (the original)....

Think about this:

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