Monday, May 27, 2013

Rasmus Vs. Rasmus: Rasmus Wins

((HT: Sportsnet/MLB))

Colby and Cory Rasmus are on two separate sides of the whole "playing in Major League Baseball" thing...

Colby is the starting center fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays
Cory is a reliever in his rookie year for the Atlanta Braves

Tim Hudson's outing on the road in SkyDome was less than sterling, so it meant the bullpen got called in a 6-1 game...

And in MLB's version of "Family Feud Meets Thunderdome," here's what happened...

It's always the older brother, isn't it...???

Oh... Toronto won 9-3...

Colby went 2-for-4, by the way, with a home run off Hudson. He's now hitting .244 with 8HR and 22RBI
Cory pitched the final two innings, gave up 3 earned runs on three hits, and now sports a 12.27 ERA


  1. Went to school with the Rasmus brothers, Brian Woodall is my cousin, and my uncle is good friends with Tim Hudson. Where are my free tickets?!!? LOL

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