Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vols Fire Student Judicial Services Head During Investigation


Clay Travis gets the lead for this one...

The University of Tennessee has fired Jenny Wright, the director of the school's office of student judicial affairs, for failing to cooperate with a university investigation into whether she had inappropriate relationships with student-athletes.

Here's Jim Wogan's early report...

Travis is putting one and one together and his money is on former basketball player Trae Golden, who transferred out of UT last week...

From Travis:

If you want to read the tea leaves, it certainly looks like Wright was helping to cover up Golden's academic fraud and then the university found out about it.

Which led to Golden's dismissal and subsequent questions about why Wright would help cover up the fraud. When Wright was asked about inappropriate relationships with players, she refused to cooperate and attempted to resign instead.

Does that seem like something an innocent person would do?

So now the larger question for the University of Tennessee is this, was Wright sleeping with multiple players and taking advantage of her position as head of student judicial services to keep those players eligible when they otherwise wouldn't have been able to compete?

That, my friends, is a potentially huge mess.

Wright submitted a letter of resignation last week. But Matthew Scoggins, an assistant general counsel for the university, wrote that the school wouldn't accept her resignation because it wanted her to respond to the allegations. Wright was also sent a pre-termination letter last Friday.

The school, then, sent Wright a letter Monday stating that she was being terminated "for unsatisfactory work-related behavior" and for her "failure to comply with the directives of authorized university officials to cooperate with a university investigation."

Well, then... harumph...

Read Wright's termination letter and other fun stuff hyah, thanks to Govolsxtra.com

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