Friday, May 31, 2013

Shabazz Muhammad's Dad Indicted On Fraud

((HT: LA Times/Bensinger))

And, now, the HQ knows where part of former UCLA one-and-done Shabazz Muhammad's rookie contract will go- defending his father against mail and wire fraud charges brought against him in Las Vegas.

Ken Bensinger's piece refers us to a Las Vegas Review-Journal piece where Muhammad's father, former UCLA star Ronald Holmes, and others used fraudulent information and so-called "straw buyers" to get home mortgages and buy and sell houses, keeping any kind of funds that were either distributed before or profit from the transaction- if a house was ever bought or sold.

The activities took place in a three-year period- 2006 to 2009. The complaintants are looking to recover more than $2.5 million.
And, apparently, this is not the first time Holmes has been accused in activity like this...

From Bensinger:

In 2000, he was sentenced to six months house arrest for fraud involving multiple mortgages in Los Angeles County that were obtained in the early 1990s using false information.

The details of that case bear remarkable similarities to the current charges. According to U.S. Atty. Daniel G. Bogden's complaint, Holmes lived in two houses obtained with fraudulent mortgage applications, and seldom made mortgage payments.

He also allegedly conspired to have straw buyers file bankruptcy petitions to delay foreclosure of homes he was occupying.

The lenders that underwrote the mortgages include Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Centralbanc Mortgage Corp., the indictment says.

The LVRJ piece by Colton Lochhead says the plea agreement with Holmes was to pay restitution of $78,000...

Here's one of those alleged all-access pieces on Shabazz from a year ago...

It will be interesting to see which NBA team takes a flier on Muhammad- considering his apparent moodiness, self-centered behavior on the floor, and the falsifying of information involving his actual age when he enrolled in UCLA and participated in AAU ball.


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