Friday, May 31, 2013

You Knew It Was Coming: The Tale of Oso Blanco (Evan Gattis) Music Video

Well, maybe if you are an Atlanta Braves fan you expected this video. You had to. We aren't real sure about the rest of Major League Baseball.

Either way, for those not familiar, Evan Gattis, backup catcher and hitter who came out of nowhere (literally) for the Atlanta Braves is quickly gaining legend status.

From tomohawking a 97-mph Stephen Strasburg fastball at eye level, over the fence to pinch-hit game winning hits, Gattis's story is nothing short of miraculous.

Out of baseball just 3-years ago, gave up the game while in college. He got picked on a flyer late by the Braves and rocketed through their Minor League system, hitting the ball like nothing anyone's ever seen.

He gained the name "El Oso Blanco", The White Bear, while racking up extraordinary hitting numbers in the Venezuelan Winter League.

Now he has his own song. As performed by OSG Fave "Ricky Mast" with help via Photoshop:

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