Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OSG High: Southmoore High FB Dealing With Tornado Damage

((HT: KFOR-TV/, Wright))

Scott Wright is a native to Oklahoma City, and has covered sports for The Oklahoman newspaper for eight years. But he has never had to cover an event like what has happened over the last few days in Oklahoma City and Moore.

There are three high schools in the Moore area, and the tornado has had a horrible impact on one of the football squads...

19 players on the Southmoore High team are now having to deal with homes lost and lives torn apart...

From Wright's piece:

Southmoore senior Jake Spradling didn't need to see the destruction Monday afternoon to know his home had been hit.

“Once I heard that it hit the Warren Theater, I knew my house was gone,” he said. “I live right across the street from the hospital that was hit.

“I haven't been able to get in there to see it yet, but my dad has. I've only seen some photos. All that's left of our house is a bathroom and a closet.”

Head coach Jeff Brickman's wife is the cheerleading coach at the school and they still have no idea about the full numbers of affected players and cheerleaders yet. But the Southmoore football booster club decided to set up the team's website,, to accept financial donations.

The site can accept funds via PayPal, or people can write checks directly to the booster club by mailing it to the school.

The HQ is asking for you to find a way to help... doesn't matter how...
Just do it...

Here's some of the coverage from KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City...

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