Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thunder Visit Moore, Oklahoma


Simply, it was the Oklahoma City Thunder's turn...

Players like Russell Westbrook and Hasheem Thabeet along with GM Sam Presti made their tour of the devastation in Moore. Since they couldn't get into the areas immediately after the tornadoes, they went to cheer up who they could in hospital.

FOSG Berry Tramel was around and caught up with Presti, who now understands about what everyone calls the Oklahoma Standard:

“We understand the Oklahoma Standard and stand ready to serve the people that have supported us,” Presti said.

“When our players run out of the tunnel wearing Oklahoma City across their chest, that doesn't end after 82 games.”

Thunder fans weren't the only people wearing Thunder gear at Ground Zero. The Thunder entourage did, too.

Presti, Brooks and the players wore leftover T-shirts from one of the playoff games. White T-shirts. With a word across the front.


Here's a look at some of what they saw...

In other news around Moore, the three schools in the state are combining resources to show their support on t-shrts that can be purchased on the OU online store.

The folks at are doing the same thing...

The HQ is encouraging support of everyone in Oklahoma in a way you see fit...

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