Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reports: ESPN Mass Layoffs: "To Meet Profit Margins"

ESPN Should Fire This Guy Instead
((ht: deadspin.com))

God bless corporate america. The only place in the world where it's not enough to make money, you have to increase your profit margin each year...or you are considered a failure.

And we wonder why the rich get richer...


Deadspin and other outlets report ESPN, your Entertainment and Sports Programming leader is taking a  deep ax to personnel today. And while not confirming numbers, it's believed to be in the 100's for a company of 7,000.

This on the heels of signing Paul Finebaum, beginning and laying out cash for the SEC Network and securing the rights to the U.S Tennis Open for 50% more than previous rights holder CBS was paying for it.

Oh, and did we add they aer about to debut a new $125 million new set?

ESPN did confirm layoffs to Deadspin, the report RIGHT HERE

And no, right wing friends, it's not about the number of layoffs being minimal. Companies aren't obligated to keep what they consider a bloated staff, no, we get that and yeah, it is their right.

The issue we have with this is good people being sent to the unemployment line while the CEO's and Executive's line their pockets with BONUS money for meeting a "Profit Margin".

We are often critical of the 4-Letter and we believe its with good reason. They've managed to swallow up the rights to almost every major sport and have convinced a uniformed majority of the public that they are IT when it comes to Sports Journalism.

They aren't. This is a Network that sold their souls to people like Skip Bayless and endless alienated many viewers with non-stop coverage of Tim Tebow. This is a network that values what they call debate and what the rest of us in the TV business calls trolling.

And they still roll on. And the executives will still get their bonuses for meeting budget.

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