Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Worst Kept Secret In Glendale: NHL, Coyotes, Possible Owners Meet

((HT: azcentral.com/KPNX-TV))

The group that wants to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, Renaissance Sports and Entertainment (otherwise known as the Gosbee/LeBlanc group), the National Hockey League, and the city of Glendale all met together to see if there is a future relationship among the three of them.

The hook in all of this is, probably, going to come down to how much RSE wants to run jobing.com arena since the two figures could be as much as ten million dollars apart- per year. The Arizona Republic has the figure close to $6-million where prospective owners want as much as $15-million.

But the city of Glendale has a fiscal year that starts July 1 and the National Hockey League wants to have a printed schedule out by mid-June. The league and Renaissance have agreed on a price, according to Bill Daly.

Here's the look at the not-so-secret secret meetings...

More when we know more...

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