Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ICYMI: Falcons Going for Futuristic Looking Stadium

Give the Atlanta Falcons credit for aiming high.

The team got city approval for a deal to build a new stadium just a few weeks ago and on Tuesday, they named the architect. That architect, 360 Architecture, based in Kansas City, came to the table with some shall we say "Interesting" ideas of what the new "Retractable Roof" stadium should look like.

This is one idea on the right. It looks a little like the coliseum in the movie Logan's Run.

Concept two is to the left here, it's called "The Solarium". And basically, for lack of a better way to put it, it looks like a big greenhouse.

There's no guarantee the Falcons will choose either of these looks, they were both just concepts brought to the table by 360 to get the discussion started.

Either way, the project is budgeted at somewhere near $1 billion, with $700 million allocated for the stadium. 360 Architecture designed Met Life Stadium in New Jersey for the Giants/Jets, and the Falcons, according to team President Rich McKay, have stressed they want something "Unique" and a "New" fan experience.

Which is all well and good....if you'll be able to afford a ticket. Unlike many, we understand the Falcons wanting a new yard. And the fact that they are footing 70% of the cost is a good step. They want to increase their revenues, in which they are in the bottom 20's in the league. We get that. But ticket prices are going up and they've already gone on record saying they'll use Personal Seat Licenses for many tickets.

Great, if you can afford it. But try telling a family of four that want to come to one game, they'll have to fork over $65 per ticket, another $20 to park and assorted costs for concessions and you've got one of the many reasons the NFL is having trouble getting people off their couches in front of their HDTV's and in the stadium.

WXIA-TV gives a look at what's going on:

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