Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chris Hansen Unchanged In Seattle Arena Plans, Bettman Acknowledges Shortcomings

((HT: KING5-TV))

Chris Daniels has been at the forefront of the Seattle Arena-bringing a team to Seattle whether it's at Key Arena for a while, then moving to a new arena-Clippers teaser when Steve Ballmer bought the team and kept them in LA, anyway- stories over the last month or so.

The larger questions go to Seattle Arena project developer-hopeful pro team owner Chris Hansen from now on...

Are you stopping...?
Where is the environmental survey standing right now...?
Are you looking to buy like Ballmer has and hold on to a property...?

Daniels caught up with Hansen
Then, as the Rangers and Kings get ready for the Stanley Cup Final, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman caught up with Bob McCown on "Prime Time Sports" to discuss everything hockey going into the last series of the year. ((HT: Sportsnet))

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