Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Former McCourt Security Guard Testifies In Stow Trial


Neill Murchison, part of then-owner Frank McCourt's personal security detail for one year, testified Tuesday in the Bryan Stow civil trial.

He said on the stand that he raised concerns over the lack of security presence at Dodger Stadium and that there had been an increase of gang activity there- particularly in the parking lots. One of those lots, Lot 2, was where Bryan Stow, a Giants fan, was beaten severely Opening Day Weekend of 2011 by Dodgers fans at the stadium and is suing McCourt for $50-million in a civil proceeding for pain, suffering, and medical costs since he is now permanently disabled.

Jeff Bradford, a friend of Stow's, also testified Tuesday. Bradford was also beaten, but defense attorneys asked about just how sober he was- intimating he wouldn't know how much security may or may not have been around to protect fans.

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