Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wrestler Wins Hep C Lawsuit Vs. Abdullah The Butcher

((HT: CBC Ottawa))

Devon Nicholson wrestled under the nickname "Hannibal" in Canadian circuits and had even shown enough talent to get himself a tryout with World Wrestling Entertainment. In a match in Alberta in 2007, he was going up against Abdullah The Butcher.

Nicholson was bladed by The Butcher (against Nicholson's consent) and contended that he contracted hepatitis C as a result of the match. The tryout and contract Nicholson had picked up went away and Nicholson took Larry Shreeve to court for C$6.5-million.

Here's the verdict in the Ontario court
Nicholson is looking to be an example for others who have fought hep C and it will be interesting to see if Shreeve will pay up. In April of 2012, on the Global News magazine program, 16x9, Nicholson describes what he's been through before the verdict and Shreeve denies what he did.

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