Thursday, September 4, 2014

FSU Reopening Winston Title IX Investigation

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Not surprising to the HQ at all, but this was the initial report OSG Sports gave on the Title IX investigation in and around the Florida State QB in the off-season.

It appears the university is now reopening the Title IX investigation that the alleged Winston rape victim requested at the time. Jameis Winston did not answer any questions in the initial investigation, so it was tabled.

The investigation was widely panned and the New York Times constructed all of the errors in one place.

The University responded to the New Yor Times piece and panned it in return...
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Tha attorney for the accuser, John Clune, says that his client feels that the process is "moving forward" after his client was interviewed last month for an incident that happened in 2012:

"We expect that there will be code of conduct charges that will be brought," he told Rachel Axon of USA Today. "There's no basis not to bring those charges now."

During the criminal investigation, Winston (through his lawyers) maintained that the sexual contact was consensual.

But an on-campus Title IX investigation gets around the criminal complaint:

Decisions are made on a "preponderance of the evidence" and should, as a rule, take no longer than two months to complete. That would, then, make the decision public in the neighborhood of Week 10 of the college football season.

And could send the FSU football season into a tizzy for the next 8 weeks or so...

Got all that...???

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