Monday, September 1, 2014

ICYMI: Astros Fire Bo Porter


It's gotta be somebody's fault right?

Happy Labor Day Bo Porter, hope your resume is updated. The Houston Astros decided on Monday to fire you.

The Astros parted way with their 2nd year manager who with one of the youngest--and cheapest lineups in baseball, cobbled together a 110-190 record.

G.M Jeff Luhnow made the announcement in Houston this morning, tossing aside Porter and bench coach Dave Trembley and promoting Tom Lawless as interim team manager.

Yes, there were reports circulating in Houston that Porter and Luhnow did not, get along and that was briefly touched upon during the impromptu press conference.

Lunhow said "When you think about the relationship between a manager and general manager, it's complicated. We are looking for a collaborative environment, a unified environment."

((Ed. Note--Feel free to interpret that as you will. The message isn't exactly subtle))

Read the entire story from the Houston Chronicle RIGHT HERE

Now, that being said, many baseball experts consider the Astros one of the most up-and-coming franchises in baseball. The team, under owner Jim Crane essentially has sold the present day with the hope the future will yield titles. It remains to be seen if that will happen, though the presence of future stars like George Springer haven't hurt. writer Richard Justice (former Astros beat writer) talks about what happened and where the team goes from here:

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