Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nevada Holds Wazzou Offense To 13 Points, Wolfpack Defeats Cougars 24-13 In Mountain West/Pac-12 Showdown

The Mountain West Conference has an inferiority complex out west to the Pac-12 conference.

Whenever the MWC has a chance to go up against a Pac-12 school well the amp it up a notch.

Look at Friday nights Nevada - Washington State in a rare game where a Pac-12 school travelled to Reno.

The Wolfpack played like they had something to prove in defeating the Cougars 24-13.

"It was ugly, wasn’t always pretty, but the one thing you couldn’t measure is the heart of our kids." Nevada head coach Brian Polian said.

That heart came from the Nevada defense who took a hard hat and lunch pail approach to the game.  The Wolfpack defense gave up 427 yards of total offense but kept Washington State's offense to just 13 points.

To Nevada defensive end Brian Hekking the explanation is rather simple.

"Honestly, because we wanted it more," Hekking said

"You look at a Pac-12 opponent - they've got all the bells and whistles, the nice uniforms and all that. We are just blue-collar guys," Hekking said. "But our senior class has made it a point to love the game of football and every single chance we have, to leave it out on the field and empty in the tank."

"We held a Mike Leech offense to 13 points, and that is an incredible statement to our defense." Polian said.

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