Sunday, September 14, 2014

NFL's Worst Week Ever: Finally The Panthers Deactivate Greg Hardy

In midst of perhaps the worst PR week in NFL history, one more event transpired on Sunday.

After catching flak from all sides, the Carolina Panthers deactivated star Defensive End Greg Hardy for their game against the Detroit Lions.

We and multiple other blogs and outlets have questioned why Hardy was still playing despite his conviction for domestic violence against his then girlfriend. Particularly in light of this past weeks situation with former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice.

Yet the Panthers took the spin "Let the legal system run its course".


Yes, Hardy is appealing his conviction, but that never changed the fact HE WAS CONVICTED. And yes, his appeal will be heard by a jury instead of him pleading out to a judge.

But it changes nothing.

It's been a horrible week for the league between Rice, the Adrian Peterson situation and now this. Yet the Panthers never saw anything wrong with their decision.

To their credit, the Vikings upon receiving word of Peterson's indictment, deactivated him. Which was the proper response. That should have been a hint to the Panthers.

If Hardy wins his appeal, then yeah, sure, let him play. But until then, in light of unfolding events, how can you keep someone convicted of domestic violence on your roster.

That last sentence alone explains why the NFL is in the predicament it currently is.

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