Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh Boy!: AP Reports Law Enforcement Documents Sending Rice Tape to NFL


Oh geez!

The Associated Press reported late Wednesday afternoon that a law enforcement official claims he sent a video of the Ray Rice incident with his wife in the New Jersey Casino elevator back in April.

The source played a voicemail from an NFL office phone number confirming they got the video, thanking law enforcement and stating "You're right, it's terrible".

The same source did tell the AP they "technically" weren't authorized to share the video and couldn't confirm if anyone else had actually seen it.

The source, who isn't named in the story, said he sent a DVD copy of the video and included his contact info. (Which wouldn't make him much of a secret to the NFL, ya think?)

Goodell has repeatedly denied he or anyone else in his office were aware of the video.

We thinks someone or several someone's got some splainin' to do...(starting with you Jolly Roger)

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