Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OSG High: Disabled Kids Taken Off DC High School Roster


There are always rules and regulations when it comes to eligbility for high school students playing athletics.

Two developmentally-disabled students who attend a private school in DC, it appears, were traditionally steered to play football at another school. But that idea has gotten the public school in some hot water and the kids on the sidelines.

Here's the story out of DC

The hook in all of this seems to be that, if the two were attending the public school in the first place, their eligibility wouldn't be in question. There are other states that allow home-schooled athletes to pair themselves with schools in their district.

But the comeback would be that those two may not have had that option to continue their schooling with their disabilities in the public school that may not have been properly prepared for their schooling.

The HQ doesn't see this as "over" for a while...

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