Saturday, September 13, 2014

Surprise: New Jersey May Win Battle to Allow Sports Betting


Call it a last ditch effort to save the crumbling Casino's of Atlantic City.

Politicians in New Jersey may actually have found a way to win in their battle with the NCAA and Professional Sports Leagues to allow Sports gambling in the state.

The State Attorney General has told law enforcement in the state to NOT prosecute sports betting operations and Governor Chris Christie is trying to get a ruling from a district court judge stating he's not violating federal law by doing so.

That judge has set a hearing for October 6th, which puts the sports leagues and NCAA on the clock.

It should be noted, the New Jersey politicians believe they will win in court. And they also believe the sports organizations won't fight them. Which has already led to a handful of other states to look into the issue to see if they can push through similar rulings.

What this means: This is an under-reported game changer on many, many levels. Until now, the only place you could legitimately place sports bets was Las Vegas. And the pros have stayed away from Vegas for fear of the sports books influencing their games.

If New Jersey wins and other states follow suit. They (the sports leagues) have no place to hide. We believe they'll challenge New Jersey and maybe then this story will get some attention.

It's a big issue. We know lots of people who bet on sports. We don't necessarily participate, it's a choice. But we also see where the gambling could influence things much more than it does now. We've occasionally reported on fixing games to meet the line and quite honestly, most Sports Talk radio, TV and Newspapers post the lines for you to consider.

We do predict games over the course of the football season but don't use the line to make our picks. Partially because we don't like to do it, partially because we don't gamble and in large part because we pick with our hearts and instinct, not what an expert says.

Keep an eye on this issue, we suspect...or hope this won't be the last you hear of it.

Take a look at a piece ESPN:60 did about the latest Sports Gambling technology here:

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