Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reports: NHL to Expand to Vegas and _______


It appears the National Hockey League is ready to grow.

And like the early U.S pioneers, they are working under the credo "Go West Young Man".

How else to explain the report that the league is looking two teams for their Western Conference.

And the reason this is newsworthy? Well, one of those teams may very well be the 1st pro sports team to base in the gambling capital of North America, Las Vegas.

The New York Post reports the NHL has already chosen owners for the Vegas franchise, billionaire William Foley and Vegas mobsters-hoteliers/former NBA owners, the Maloof family.

Oh, wait, did we just say that?

The team would play in the new 20,000+ seat arena being built on or near the MGM Resort and be admitted with a roughly $400 million expansion fee.

Read more from the Post RIGHT HERE

The story doesn't mention another franchise location, but the reason the league would need 2--to balance things with the Eastern Conference which has two more teams.

Our bet: Seattle. The league and the NBA have already flirted with Chris Hansen and others looking to bring the NBA and/or the NHL to Seattle. And they've proposed building an arena to house one or both.

We could be wrong, but either way, look for the NHL to make an announcement at some point. Our guess would be maybe after the 1st of the year, but we could be wrong too.

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