Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Run Joey Run

You have no idea what song this is---it's from the mid 1970's...

And it describes the bizarreness that is this week in College Football in a way we can't as the polls confuse us and the College Football Playoff rankings make us say:

Because of course it does...

Alas, there are only 3 weeks or so left before any of this rankings madness means anything, but that isn't stopping the arguments.

Especially if you are a fan of TCU or Baylor.

And SEC fans, be worried. Be very worried. Depending on the next few weeks, you might find yourselves locked out of the CFP. Not because the teams are bad, but because they've Walking Dead cannibalized themselves...

But enough of that. Last Week we were 9-4 (thank god we picked Az. St to beat Notre Dame), which puts us at 106-27 on the season, which ain't half bad.

But enough about the legend himself Casey Kasem (RIP) once said; "On with the Countdown"


1) Mississippi State. 9-0. D-Day. Moment of reckoning, time to find out if the dream continues. Last weeks practice game was a good tuneup for this one. Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Tall task for anyone. And with the pass defense not improving, we have our doubts.

This Week: at Alabama, Our Pick: Bama 37, Miss St. 36 UPSET!!!!! And game of the Year...

2) Florida St. 9-0. Still undefeated. And don't buy the hype that the Noles will lose. They aren't great, but they are much better than anyone else in the ACC. The week off will help, a lot. They aren't stellar at anything, but they are pretty good at everything. This Week: at Miami, Our Pick: FSU 41, Miami 23

3) Alabama 8-1. Folks, when the dust clears, this may very well be your championship team. They are much better than you think. Not perfect, but nobody this year is. With the defense they have and Amari Cooper, they will always have a chance to win. Don't buy that Blake Sims isn't prime time ready. He'll step up this week. This Week: See #1

4) TCU 8-1. Still don't think Trevone Boykin isn't one of the best players in College Football? Well, then you haven't watched the Frogs play. He's impressive. Odd seeing a Gary Patterson team living on offense not defense, but hey, they do play in the Big 12. The path is clear from here. This Week: at Kansas. Our Pick: TCU 48, Kansas 13

5) Oregon 9-1. Good win vs. Utah. But I still don't buy into these guys. They've yet to prove they won't fold under pressure or when losing. And the pass D isn't any better than Mississippi State's. Plus they are banged up. But they'll coast to the Pac 12 title game. This Week: BYE

6) Ohio St. 8-1. The most improved team of the season. As J.T Barnett has learned, the Bucks have gotten monumentally better. And last weeks win at Michigan State proved it. They aren't perfect and the loss to Va.Tech still hurts perception, but this could be a playoff team. This Week: at Minnesota, Our Pick: tOSU 37, Minnesota 33

7) Baylor 8-1. Sorry, we still don't love this team. They are very good. But not great. If not for Gary Patterson's brain fart, they lose to TCU. The West Va. loss was a bad one. Sure, they pounded Oklahoma, but the Sooners were overrated too. The path is clear, can they stay clean? This Week: BYE

8) Arizona St. 8-1. Yup, Arizona State. A very good team that annihilated Notre Dame. Somehow, they let UCLA slaughter them, but they've done enough to win every other game. They've been good not great, but the path is clear. Win out and it's Oregon for the Pac 12 title and likely playoff berth. This Week: at Oregon St., Our Pick: Az St 41, Oregon St 21

9) Auburn 7-2. No, the Tigers have no real excuse for losing to Texas A&M other than their defense sucks. Still, we never thought they'd go down at home to a team they should easily have beaten. Except maybe they aren't as good as we thought? Or they are...This Week: at Georgia, Our Pick: Georgia 53, Auburn 49 UPSET!!

10) Nebraska 8-1. Yes, Nebraska. They only have one loss folks. Really. Yeah, sure, we know, they play in the Big 10. But they are tough. And you don't hear them whining about Bo Pelini anymore. Plus they get Ameer Abdullah back this week and he's good. Very good. This Week: at Wisconsin, Our Pick: Huskers 31, Wisconsin 21

11) Ole Miss 8-2. So they stopped the bleeding with a practice gm. vs. Presbyterian. Good for them. The Rebels are pretty banged up, but still dangerous. But they go as Bo Wallace goes...and nobody knows how Bo Wallace goes until Bo Wallace plays. So there's that. This Week: BYE

12) Georgia 7-2. They get back in the poll cause Todd Gurley is back. Really though, we should nickname this team The Brain Farts. They always do something to keep them from being all they could be. When thinking, they are very good, When not, there's the Florida game. This Week: See #9.


Okay, so it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that SMU is our Toilet Bowl champs this year, though Georgia State is giving them a late run for their money. Thank god the two teams don't play, all 500 that would show up would need to have their eyes fixed afterwards....

5) Troy 2-8. Trojan man for the win! Yay Troy...Oh, wait, you played Ga. State last week? Well, someone had to win. That might not be enough to get out off the list. Sorry. But you still have a chance. This Week: at Idaho, Our Pick: Troy 38, Idaho 27

4) Idaho 1-8. So, the good news is nobody has blown you out. The bad news is outside beating crappy New Mexico State, you've lost all your other games. Which is why you reside here. And unfortunately, you may not be leaving. This Week: See #5

3) Kent State 1-9. Hey, at least you've scored 20 points in each of the past 2 games. Okay, so you lost both of them. But you did beat Army, though nobody is sure how. No, the Flashes aren't the worst team in CFB, but they are pretty close. This Week: Already played....and lost

2) Georgia State 1-9. Oh, pity the poor Panthers, one win the past 2 seasons. Unfortunately, they are the poster child for moving to Division 1 before being ready. And now they pay the price. Trent Miles is a good coach, but it will be several yrs before they'll be competitive. This Week: BYE

1) SMU 0-8. Wow, the Mustangs don't end the season til December 6th. 3 more wks of agony and suckage. But hey, the briefly had the lead vs. a crappy Tulsa team and scored 28 in a loss. Baby steps guys, baby steps. This Week: vs. South Florida, Our Pick: USF 31, SMU 13

Enjoy your song of the Week:

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