Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Week's NASCAR Fight With Brad Keselowski Where Jeff Gordon Cusses


And, instead of involving Matt Kenseth, it involves Jeff Gordon with a possible cameo from Kevin Harvick...

The lowdown this time...

Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were going at it and the Blue Deuce wedged his way in between them to make it three wide in a green-white-checkered situation. Gordon ended up a lap down with the damage and in 29th at the restart.

Needless to say, #24 was not happy about it and did you notice that Jamie Little ended up in the middle of it...???

We imagine that everyone involved will be involved in a visit to the Big Red Truck.

PM UPDATE: When asked about Keselowski's behavior, Gordon cussed on live TV
((HT: Jay Busbee's Vine))

Yahoo!Sports Jay Busbee brings up a good point: Will Gordon get fined for his outburst...???

From the Column:

Gordon is about to head into one of the most critical races of his career. If NASCAR were to deduct points from a driver in the midst of a championship hunt for a minor, inconsequential violation, hurled just after a fight, well ... the criticism would be unrelenting. NASCAR is loving the extra press now, but a hammer on Gordon for language would turn every bit of that attention to the negative.

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