Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Orange Bowl To NIU: We Didn't Want You Here...

((HT: CBSSports/Feldman))

Florida State alums around the country were already cringing at the idea of the no-win situation that is the Orange Bowl against Northern Illinois...

Big win over Northern Illinois: No love since "it shoulda happened anyway..."

Escaping Northern Illinois game with a win: No love bordering on laughter for barely beating a #MACtion squad...

Loss To Northern Illinois: Laughter amongst the universe and lighted pitchforks heading to Tallahassee to demand the head of Jimbo Fisher...

And here was the discussion from the beginning...
((HT: ESPN))

Then, this week preparing for the Orange Bowl according to Feldman, a bowl rep told an NIU staffer: "You guys [NIU] don't even deserve to be here,” the Orange Bowl rep said to the NIU staffer. “We didn't even want you here.”


Now, despite Huskies QB Jordan Lynch's running his mouth, and Herbstreit contradicting himself on multiple programs across the four-letter saying that (first) Florida State will be coming in unmotivated to (now) being ready to take some skulls...???

Their reaction on Bee-Cee-Ess selection day...???
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To the conversation that Feldman is now reporting...???

Let's just throw grease on the fire, shall we...???

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