Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OSG High: Texas Cheerleaders Can Quote Scripture On Pre-Game Banners

((HT: KFDM-TV Beaumont))

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been on the warpath in the last year trying to keep religious influence from high school football games and their associated activities- pre-game, post-game, practice... all over...

The HQ knows of two instances, one it reported on, involving coaches who prayed with their teams on school grounds- much to the dismay and anger of the local townsfolk. Look up the cases the FFRF had against Ridgeland High School (GA) and Haralson County High School (GA) for your backgrounder.

Now, over the last eight months or so the FFRF has been telling cheerleaders at Kountze High School in southeast Texas that they needed to stop. But Texas State District Judge Steve Thomas determined the cheerleaders' banners are constitutionally permissible. In a copy of the ruling obtained by Beaumont station KFDM, Thomas determined that no law "prohibits cheerleaders from using religious-themed banners at school sporting events."

Judge Thomas may need, and will probably need, to be reminded of the whole separation of church and state thing...

Here's the original victory in court...

The FFRF said the messages violated the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, which bars the government from establishing or endorsing a religion.

So much for that... the case was set to go to trial in late June, but the judge's summary judgment puts an end to the proceedings (until the FFRF or someone like them appeals to a higher court)

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