Monday, June 2, 2014

DEVELOPING: Pensacola City FC Owner Answers More Questions, Stands By Hangover Claim

Week two in the whole Pensacola City FC saga is now underway, and PCFC owner Bill Fetke is still standing by claims he made about his roster last week to OSG Sports.

We submitted another series of questions to him about last week as the saga moves forward and here are his reponses:

First, OSG Sports asked about the conversations Mr. Fetke had with the league office:

Everyone in the conference was really trying to save the season. Of course, they have been in panic mode because
they are losing a home match. My conversation with the league was the same. I really feel bad for the other clubs. They are all awesome owners and their fans deserve nothing but the best. Long term, it is best that this happened. I hope this puts a little concern into the league about how to prevent this in the future and better vetting future owners so there will be less "one and done" teams.

OSG Sports previously reported that midfielder Remy Moulard would be needing an MRI and that PCFC would take care of that, but go no further in paying any kind of bills.

the insurance said it takes 2 weeks to get a claim number. Remy Moulard needed an air cast for his ankle so I purchased it for him.

Do season ticket holders get their money back?

i am in the process of getting all tickets reimbursed for the New Orleans match and all the season tickets.

And he stands by the assessment that players were "hung over" after the match with Knoxville when they showed up to practice the next day.

I have validation from two of the players that many went out after the Knoxville match. I truly hope they were hungover based of the performance of most during that match vs Chattanooga. Still, the heat index was pushing 100 that weekend, and alcohol or lack of sleep could have been a serious health risk. They need to take better care of themselves and be aware of their situation. They are all adults but are still acting like kids, taking no responsibility for their own actions.

Then, OSG Sports wanted to clarify the living arrangements and the billeting of players for the 2014 season since players ceased being PCFC players and were having to look for their next homes come June 1st in a lot of situations.

the set up of the living situation was that I asked a couple of the local players if they had extra room. Based on how many people they could house depended on how much I reimbursed them for. The verbal agreement was "as long as we were playing, I would be paying". I was asked in our termination meeting about the players and I told them that they needed to work out an agreement with who they were staying with. True, I was paying the rent, but I never told anyone to kick out the players that were staying with them. That has nothing to do with me. If anyone was kicked out immediately, then it was the local players who have the apartments who voluntarily kicked their teammates out.

The previous stories on Pensacola City FC and their dissolving are hyah, hyah, hyah , hyah, and hyah

It encompasses the entire first week of the workings among the players, the Gulf Coast Armada supporter's group, the team, and the league. OSG Sports has put in a request that the players who told Fetke about being "hung over" for that post-match practice be vetted by us as well.

More when we know more...

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