Thursday, May 29, 2014

BREAKING NPSL Update: Pensacola FC Folds, Looks Really Bad (UPDATED w/Early Conversation)

A severely odd situation going on in Pensacola as the Pensacola City FC team is now over, done, and gone only a handful of games into the season.

It seems to have started with this post on the website Monday:

The City of Pensacola has just informed PCFC that Legion Field will be undergoing aeration. Therefor the city has transplanted us to Magee Field on MLK Drive. First off, we have no issue with moving. Magee field was nicely constructed and we would have felt privileged to play on that field, except we can’t. The city says they are not allowed to move the removable baseball fences that go well to cover half of our playing surface, and I do not think the neighbors behind the goals would appreciate us hitting their houses for two hours everyday, as the fence is low and there are no nets. So we are only allowed to use a 40×60 yd playing surface. Anyone who has half a brain knows soccer is not played that way.

This is the type of idiocy we all have come to hate about the City of Pensacola. As of this moment, I regrettable have made a decision to boycott businesses in the city limits. My money given to those businesses get sent to the city in form of taxes and license fees. We will not support a dysfunctional city like Pensacola anymore. I am sorry to each business owner, as you all are great people trying to make a difference, but I will no longer indirectly support the city.

There was a subsequent post Wednesday that sounded positive as the city wanted practice times for the team at its new location, but things seem to have blown up and the team is no more.

Here, for the record, was the walk-out for their game against Rocket City FC two weeks ago...

OSG Sports is working on reaction from the community, players, team, and the league...

More when we know more...
It promises to have colorful language...

PM UPDATE: Following the conversations on Twitter, it seems to be a really bad situation for the roster. Word coming from the supporters at the Gulf Coast Armada have this going on:

Apparently PCFC players were exiled from apartments w no ticket home. Players are stuck wo a...

to go. Forget the SG, forget the season ticket holders, that is fucked up. Any suggestions as to what we can do for them? Raw deal or not...

team or not, we support these players. Just not sure what we can do for them. #ShipWithoutAPort

And from defender Joe Butcher's Twitter:

local players aren't affected, we were treated as sacked players and told it was out responsibility to get

home, when 75% are international and gave up work, going home, and others teams to go here and are now left

with no team and limited funds 3 says before the rent/bills are due on the appartments we are put up in

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