Sunday, May 18, 2014

BREAKING La Liga: Stands Collapse During Real Betis-Osasuna Match

((HT: beINSports/DirectoTV))

It's relegation day in La Liga, the Spanish soccer league and as is their wont, all teams that are in the relegation battle start their games simultaneously.

The Real Betis-Osasuna match is a must-win for Osasuna as Real is already relegated.

In the 15th minute, when the home team scored the end zone stands where supporters were standing collapsed in the crush of celebration. The game was suspended as, early on, players for both teams were trying to evacuate the injured out from under the crush of fans trying to gather themselves.

Here's video of the incident...

The game was suspended pending the clearing of the injured and the stadium accident and resumed a half-hour after the accident. There was no immediate word of any serious injuries from Red Cross personnel on site.

Ian Paul Joy's Twitter via beInSports, has a shot of the crush...

Yellow-jacketed security guards were positioned in the end zone to replace the fencing and keep fans off the pitch. With the 35 minutes delay, all La Liga matches decided to take the delay and finish simultaneously.

More when we know more...

1430 UPDATE: Osasuna would go on to beat Betis 2-1, but they will be relegated along with Valladolid after their 1-0 loss to Grenada. Almeria and Getafe stay up with their efforts.

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