Thursday, May 29, 2014

Opening Statements In Bryan Stow Case

((HT: NBC Los Angeles))

You had to get through a six-page written questionnaire, but 16 jurors were selected, eight men and eight women, to hear the Bryan Stow civil case against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Frank McCourt.

Stow suffered brain damage in the Opening Day 2011 beating at Dodger Stadium and is permanently disabled.
His lawyers say his lifetime care could cost $50 million and he will not testify in the case.

Patrick Healy is outside the courtroom

Four of the 16 will become alternate jurors, but the panelists will not know until the end of the trial which 12 will actually deliberate on the Stow case and deliver a verdict.

The Dodgers maintain that the security force they had at the Giants-Dodgers game was one of the biggest they ever had and that the responsibility for the acts of that day rest with Stow for wearing his Giants gear and two Dodger fans who beat him on that day.

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