Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Former NFL Players: League Provided Illegal Painkillers

Oh boy, it's getting deep now.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday morning in San Francisco by at least 8 former NFL Football players claims the league had them work around their various injuries by supplying them illegal painkillers to mask their injuries.

The suit, which includes at least 3 guys who played for the 1985 championship Chicago Bears team, including former quarterback Jim McMahon,  is according to lawyers, seeking class-action status and there are upwards of 500 more players ready to climb on board.

The players say the league knowingly had teams give them days off, excuse them for practices or anything else necessary for them to be ready to play on Sunday's, in or not in pain. All say they were addicted to painkillers by the time they left the league and some say they still are addicted.

For their part, the league, which is holding it's Spring Meetings in Atlanta, declined comment, saying they haven't seen the suit.

You'll recall, the league has already lost a $765 million summary judgement to a large group of players saying they (NFL) concealed concussion results. It's not known if they'd be liable the same way in a case such as this.

Since it is very early in the process, we like you, will be curious to see if this case makes it's way to a courthouse. And if it does, then where does it go? Can the players prove collusion in such a matter? Can they prove the teams or the medical staffs hid things from them???

Donovan Campbell discusses from his newsroom
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