Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kings And Blackhawks Go For A 5th Period In Game 5

The HQ had a feeling that the game would either be 13-11 (after the Montreal-Rangers street fight the night before) or was going to be a game where Corey Crawford and Jonathan Quick were going to be on their heads...

Actually it was a little of both...

The Kings were down 2-0 after four minutes and 3-1 in the second period. But the Blackhawks let them back in the game- not rattled by early returns- and went deep into the night with an unlikely hero.

Chantal McCabe talks us through the highlights

The larger questions in America 6 Friday will be around the Hawks Patrick Kane and wondering if his Game 5 efforts were just a one-shot deal or not and will Corey Crawford still look a step late on some instances when the Kings have the puck in traffic.

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