Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catch of the Night: Kid Makes His Move With Hidden Ball Trick

This is pretty darn funny. Funnier than you think it is if you look closely.

Check out what happened last night in Arlington, Texas at the Rangers/Blue Jays game.

A foul ball hit to the 3rd base coach who scoops it up and does what most baseball players or coaches do during a game. Look for a kid to give the ball to.

He looks into the crowd, finds a young Rangers fan on the 1st row and tosses him the ball. What happens next is hilarious.

The kid, catches the ball and then "appears" to turn and hand it to a young lady sitting in the row behind him.

Here's some Vine video of that:


That Vine video doesn't exactly show what went down....

Here's some video of the "play-a" making his "move".  Look closely. At his glove. There's already a ball in his glove. He catches the ball tossed to him and makes his move knowing--"All good, let's see if she's impressed, I already have a game ball"....

Should this be called a new "Hidden Ball Trick"? Watch the video:

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