Monday, May 26, 2014

Chris Daniels Catches Up With Michael McCann About Seattle + Clippers

((HT: KING5-TV))

Chris Daniels caught up with sports law guru Michael McCann about the whole Ballmer-Sterling-Seattle to the Clippers idea which really isn't going anywhere, but needs to be addressed because everyone is freaking out about it.

But what this whole dynamic does is bring Hansen-Ballmer to the fore even if they don't get the Clippers. TMZ reporting a meeting before (perhaps) the NBA knew about the dalliance won't sit well in New York City- ever...

There are six groups looking at the Clips including a Grant Hill group and the Ballmer group. But if another NBA team goes on geographic life support or the league wants to expand, they could be in line.

Just nothing in Seattle at present...

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