Sunday, May 25, 2014

ICYMI: Jim Nabors Does "Back Home Again in Indiana" for the Last Time

For those who've lost track of the Indianapolis 500, there's a lot of things that have changed since it's heyday in the 1970's and 80's.

Indy Car racing has become pretty much a niche' sport, relegated to the second tier after losing the marketing war to NASCAR.

The 500 itself, it still is a big deal to those in and from Indiana. For the rest of us, it's mostly a curiosity. But hardly the must watch event featuring the Unser's, Andretti's and others from a time long gone by.

But one thing has not changed. At least not since 1972. The constant: Jim Nabors (see Gomer Pyle) singing "Back Home Again in Indiana".

Nabors has performed it 37 times. Number 38 was Sunday May 25th.

There will be no Number 39.

Nabors, who is now 83-years old, is not from Indiana and there are conflicting stories as to how he ended up doing it.

But it is and has been a tradition, one that will never again be quite the same...

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