Monday, May 26, 2014

Never Forget On Memorial Day: The Story of Bob Kalsu

((HT: ESPN/NFL Films))

The HQ has seen people wish for it to be a happy holiday today and, having family who served in WWII and Korea, who wanted to serve in Vietnam but were too old, we fail to see it as such...

It's a day to remember, be reverent, and never forget why we are a part of the greatest political experiment in the history of this or any other planet.

To remember the day, we choose to re-tell the story of the only active professional football player to die in combat- Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Bob Kalsu

We fail to see why veterans are treated as shabbily as they are and we also fail to see the profound lack of respect they're shown at times as well. It disappoints, but sadly, it's part of our dynamic.

All the HQ asks is that: When you see a vet, someone who is serving, has served, or any of their families give them thanks.

We wouldn't be here without them...and we don't think that's hard to do...

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