Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hmmm: Everyone Involved in 1st Jameis Winston Case at Hearing...Except Winston

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This is going to make Florida State fans angry, but probably not for the reason it should make the rest of us mad.

Two of the three people involved in the alleged rape of a former Florida State student were in a Student Code-of-Conduct hearing Tuesday morning regarding that case. All are on the Football team.

The two that appeared were defensive end Chris Casher and d-back Ronald Darby. The two are accused of being in the room and video taping an alleged sexual encounter between quarterback Jameis Winston and a woman in 2012. Shortly after the incident, the woman called police and accused the men of rape.

Some 11-months after the incident, the Leon County District attorney's office said they investigated the incident and did NOT charge Mr. Winston with anything.

But with Casher and Darby facing disciplinary action at the student hearing Tuesday morning, guess who didn't have to attend.

If you guessed Winston, you win!

Winston is in Greensboro, North Carolina with the baseball team. According to a report on FoxSports.com, Winston was listed as a witness in the hearing and all involved---except Winston's attorney expected to see the Heisman Trophy winner in attendance.

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Ok...so if you are a blind Florida State fan, you are going to get angry here, but come on? What the heck is the school hiding? This student "Code of conduct" hearing is important enough for everyone else to attend? Why does Winston get a pass? Because he's a relief pitcher on the baseball team?


Yeah, sure, we know, he's not convicted of anything. And sure, he didn't intentionally avoid the entire Publix store to take the Crab Legs he ordered either.

No, what we are saying is this: Take some freaking responsibility. At least TRY to look like you are sad and upset over the things happening to you. Apologize. To someone....

Apologize to anyone....

While we don't know the intimate details surrounding the young man, something here is amiss. And nobody, at least in Tallahassee seems to care. We are not saying at this point "Roast Him"....he had his day, the kid was exonerated. We get it. Just at least make the effort to convince someone that you are deeply apologetic to everyone involved and try to do the right thing. Because nobody outside Tallahassee believes you...

Is it that freaking difficult?

Here's the captivating video of Mr Winston strolling out of Publix with his groceries:

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