Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mental Incapacitation Gives Sterling Trust Green Light With Ballmer

((HT: MyFoxLA))

From Ramona Shelburne at ESPN again:

Espn has learned that experts had declared Donald Sterling mentally incapacitated, leaving Shelly as sole trustee & power to sell the team

That way, Shelly Sterling didn't need anything resembling her husband's permission to negotiate a deal.

Here's the early thoughts on the deal heading to the NBA office
Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

The next move is Donald Sterling's, but he'll have to go after his wife first before chasing the NBA.

From James Rainey, Andrea Chang, and Chris O'Brien:

Bobby Samini, an attorney for co-owner Donald Sterling, said as he left Sterling's home: "There's been no sale. There can be no sale without Donald's signature."

Ah, the layers...

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