Thursday, May 15, 2014

More On Bettman's Visit To Seattle, Phoenix Already On The Clock...??? (UPDATED W/Prospective Owners)


Chris Daniels broke the news about the Gary Bettman-Bill Daly visit to Seattle last week and now there's a bit of an update...

Here's Daniels original salvo

Now, in a series of Tweets, Daniels has a little more info...

NEW: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray tells me #NHL initiated last wk’s meeting, & asked city to alter #SeattleArena MOU. Murray says he told them No 

MORE: Mayor Murray says he believes the Seattle City Council has no interest in changing MOU, said he brought up Key Arena. 

Seattle Council President Tim Burgess reiterated that he believes #SeattleArena won’t work with an #NHL first scenario.

The HQ's feelings here are that they're trying to find a quick home for somebody if something falls down. Phoenix makes the most sense with the attendance out that the LeBlanc group has. But keep an eye on the Florida Panthers and their wont to have the city pony up to $60-million for improvements to their arena in the town of Sunrise.

What makes the most sense over time is Phoenix slides up to Seattle and Florida will go to Quebec City- but that's just us thinking out loud now...

PM UPDATE: The Score, reporting Daniels again, has the proposed ownership group all figured out.

Victor Coleman and Jonathan Glaser are thought to be the driving force behind the bid. Coleman is CEO of Hudson Pacific Properties, which owns a long list of properties in and around Seattle.

Coleman and Glaser, along with Jeff Marks, met with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

So, there you go... now we know... and we also know they're very serious in Seattle...

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