Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ovie Says He's Okay... BUT...

((HT: TSN BarDown))

This knee-on-knee almost broke Twitter earlier Sunday when Team Russia had this happen on the ice at the IIHF World Championships

There was talk of hospitals, pictures of ambulances, and a near revolt...

So, you know... the German player who hip checked and injured Ovechkin is Marcus Kink. When asked about the hit by Russian reporters, Kink stormed off in post-game interviews.

And Slava Malamud, through his Twitter feed, offered this bit of optimism:

Alex Ovechkin is back in the team hotel. Walking on his own, no crutches, but limping. Team doctor says it's "better than expected"

We'll see how Team Russia responds at the Worlds from this moment on...

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