Thursday, May 29, 2014

BREAKING: NPSL Pensacola City FC Update- Front Office + Gulf Coast Armada Respond

Here's Part One in the responses involved with the folding of Pensacola FC

OSG Sports has caught up with PCFC's Bill Fetke, who released this statement:

It is not one thing that happened. It has been a progression of negative issues that when looked at as a whole, made us determine that it is just not worth the headache. I am embarrassed to quit mid-season, but why waste the extra money when we knew we were going to quit at the end of the season.

Fetke then referenced the Pensacola FC news from earlier this week

On top of this, the players refused to train yesterday because they felt the practice field I secured was too far away (30 min for most) and they didn't want to "waste" gas. I had enough and everyone wins and I lose. On top of that, people just didn't care to come to the matches. We had a reserve match Saturday vs the local adult league, none of them stayed. The youth players don't come, even when I was part of the biggest youth club last season. So I was asked, "why are you doing this?" I responded "passion". To which the response was at some point in time, you need to cross over the line from passion to logic.

So that is where I am at today.

Then, the HQ asked about the notions that international players (or non-Pensacola/Mobile based players) are, in effect, stranded with bills that need to be paid without a way back to their respective homes, and if the NPSL league office has been in contact about the situation.

OSG Sports is awaiting that answer...

Abram Chamberlain of the Gulf Coast Armada supporter's group answered our inquiry as well:

The end result of not even reaching the end is inexcusable. Season ticket holders have no idea if there will be refunds. More than anything we are furious about the treatment of our players. There are rumors flying of players stuck with no place to live and no way home. Rumors of broken promises to our boys. To say we are disappointed in ending this way is an understatement."

We still have feelers out to players (now ex-players) and the league and will continue to update as we can...

As for highlights, here's the end of the PCFC-Rocket City FC match- a match that ended in a 1-1 draw earlier this season
((HT: Rocket City FC))

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