Friday, May 30, 2014

Donald Sterling Fires Back: Files Suit Against NBA for $1Billion


You knew this was coming. It had to be.

Amidst reports that wife Shelly Sterling has agreed to sell his beloved Los Angeles Clippers, NBC News reports team owner Donald Sterling is suing the NBA...

For $1 Billion Dollars:

Yeah...that's what we thought too.

The suit is supposedly to block the sale of the team and to fight the NBA's decree that Sterling sell his team.

Read the NBC News story RIGHT HERE

Did we add that TMZ reports Sterling is and has been suffering from Dementia? For up to the past 3 years? And that's not to say he and his lawyers aren't serious here. We think they are....

His lawyers say the reports "Overstate" his condition. But it's exactly that condition that Shelly has used to take over the franchise and negotiate the potential sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Make sense?

But everyone involved in the current game. Donald Sterling, Shelley Sterling, Adam Silver and the NBA are all putting their cards on the table ahead of Tuesday's vote to possibly take the team away from Donald..

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