Thursday, May 29, 2014

College Football Stadium Site Moved Because Of Eagles

((HT: WSB-TV))

Berry College is in the process of adding a new football stadium to their facilities to go with their burgeoning football program in NCAA Division III.

Here's a piece the HQ did on the Reinhardt and Berry College programs in Year One

They started thinking about building their own barn on campus, had Valhalla all picked out, but got visitors- bald eagles.
They put up a webcam to show everyone the eagles as they net- and it ended up with over 17-million views
You can still check it out hyah

The school is thinking discretion and moving across the street is the better idea...

Here's Fred Blankenship with some web cam video of the eagles...
"We didn't see the eagles coming," commented Berry President Steve Briggs. "But they certainly knew what they were looking for in a college. It would be difficult to find a more fitting home for a pair of nesting bald eagles than Berry's amazing campus. The eagles epitomize this place— both its uncommon beauty and its educational opportunity." So, the Eagles win and the Vikings get more room for their new barn.

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